Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The difference between naked and nekkid

There is a common misconception that nekkid is just the southern pronunciation of naked. This is incorrect because nekkid has a different and unique definition all it's own. Well, it is a true statement that Naked and Nekkid are refering to the same state of attire, but that is where the similarities end. You can actually use naked in the definition of nekkid. Nekkid is a Zen like state of nakedness, a higher plane or consiousness if you will. I bring this up because of a post over at Jill's http://www.jillwrites.com/2006/08/i-believe-its-called-i-hope-you-know.html which raised the question in the discussion. So, this is there in the comments, but I put it here too with a little set up and some clarification for those not involved in the conversation. Enjoy.

Naked : to be unclothed, nude or without adequate cover. This refers to either a state of being, as in having no clothes on, or a state of mind as in feeling like you were totally unprepared for the given situation. "I had to get naked and put on a stupid paper gown for the examination" and "I felt like I was naked in the mall, the day after Thanksgiving, when I had to give that speech" are typical sentences that use naked. This is a very common and plain word. It is never an action word, only used as a descriptor. Boring!

Nekkid on the other hand is both desriptive and action oriented. Typical sentences range from "There I was, nekkid and with a plastic sword, three pounds of chocolate sprinkles, and a feather duster when Bobbie-Sue came in from the her shift at the diner" to "there was this crazy scream and histerical laughter from around the corner, and all of a sudden these three teenagers came barelling around the corner chasing what appeared to be a shaved tiger running on it's hind legs. Only when they got close enough for my bifocals to shift did I realize that it was four teenagers, nekkid and smeared in bacon grease and whipped cream running hell bent for destinations unknown, while singing the High School Alma Mater. And one was wearing Old Stuffy the Tiger's head. Believe you me, the principal of that school has lost control."

The origin of the word is from the Pig-latin for Ekkid-ne which, roughly translated, means to be naked with mischievous intent. In all actuallity, you may not be entirely un-clothed. For instance, you may be streaking about the neighborhood in tennis shoes and a fedora (90% of the body's heat escapes through the head so the fedora prevents the flu. And you want to reach an adequate speed to minimize bouncing and/or flopping, so you need shoes). If you do this, then you are not naked, you are nekkid. This illustrates the thought and planning that leads you to become nekkid.

A more accurate definition is to be naked, for all intents and purposes, with mischief or other hijinks in mind. For example, If you are planning on having sexual intercourse, you may or may not be naked. Maybe you are cold and keep your socks on, or maybe you are a porn star and must wear your hi-heels. You are naked (for all intents) but you have not achieved a state of nekkidness because the mischief is not involved. Sex in itsel does not count as the requisite mischief or hijinks. If you are planning on getting your freak on, then you are most assuredly nekkid because you may be in an elevator, some form of public transportation, or other wildly inappropriate location to be engaging in the act you are engaging in.

Nekkid entails a sense of adventure and/or danger and the possibility of arrest and incarceration. It could also include the loss of all social and/or familial ties with the "older generation" if they ctch you. The intent is often lost on the uninvolved parties until after the nekkid event is over, even then the intent may not be known. If you are caught being nekkid, you then become naked because the hijinks are over.

If you found a romantic and secluded rendesvous for a late night tryst with your sweety, then you get naked and make love. If you have found a corner of the student section of the football stadium that is mostly obscurred from sight and get your drunken sorority girlfriend to stip down and give you a hummer, then she is nekkid and even though you may be mostly clothed you are nekkid too.

Everyone has been naked at some point in their lives. Only the fun people have ever been nekkid. Naked is a state of being, Nekkid is a way of life.

"Carpe Diem" does not actually mean to sieze the day. It really means to get nekkid.


ChickyBabe said...

Thank you for the lesson, Prof. If nekkid is a state of mind, then it describes me to a T!

Heart Of Darkness said...

Wow, I didn't realize it until I read this post, but I'm most often nekkid at work!

How's that set up for dreams? ;)

Spaceman Spiff said...

Chicky, You can definately be in a nekkid state of mind. Which usually leads up to the nekkid state of body. At least it should. Nekkid is the best way to be.
Heart, Are you hiring? Cause well, that is the kinda place I want to work. Maybe the cubicle next door?

Heart Of Darkness said...

The office across the hall might be vacant soon... send me a CV (wit photo included) and I might put in a good word for you! ;)

Crashdummie said...

Gee, thank you sooo much for totally screwing up my image of “Dead poets Society”… Dunno if you just made it despicable or fascinating..

Spaceman Spiff said...

Heart, I will get right on updating the resume, and I'll get a couple of headshots done when I take my daughter to get her 1 year old pictures.
Welcome Crashie, and I appologive for the ruining Dead Poets Society for you. My vote is for Fascinating, imagine is more people just let go once in a while and ran screaming and laughing across a crowded parking lot in nothing but their shoes. Imagine the possibilities. Happiness abounds.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Read 1981. It's famous over here too, at least amonst the literatre part of the Far Side... ;)


Spaceman Spiff said...

Heart, Uh, am I the stalker or are you. I'm confused. Not that stalking is a bad thing, I just like to be informed.

Heart Of Darkness said...

That would be you...

Not that I mind... :)

Crashdummie said...

Don't you mean in their stilettos?
Dude, you're even kinkier that I though *rollz her eyez* Specially if its a guy wearing that, only that (euwww, gross image!)

Thanx to dropping by at mine & Harts blog - hope to see you around for a Latte ;)

Crashdummie said...

Me no write inglish - what happend to using spell check?


Heart Of Darkness said...

Spaceman - Honey, all I said was I'm flattered by your undying interest for my persona (and that I cannot write any Spaceman-related secrets here any more)... GREAT to have you here! ;)

Crashy - Me no write inglighs ither often the time... :)

Spaceman Spiff said...

Heart, Ok, now that I know I'm the stalker, I can act appropriately. Ummm, what are you wearing?

Ooooh, me related secrets. Anything good? I'll have to come on over and see what I can find out about myself. ;)

Crashie, yeah, if a guy is in stilletos then there is a serious problem. On many levels.

I'm really more of a spicy vanilla guy now. Wild and crazy youth has toned down a bit. But I can still kick it up a notch or two if the situation warrants it. :)

Correct spelling is optional here. As long as the word is deciferable then it is good.

And since I have been given the reprieve from banishment, I will definatley stop by for a latte, lets make mine a mocha for fun.

Jill said...

you seem to be coming along very well without my strategies, spiffy. ;)

Spaceman Spiff said...

Well Jill, it appears that I have an average readership of 4 with spikes up to 6 or 7. There has been no statistical analysis done to be 100% accurate, but I believe that those numbers are pretty close. So I think that all the Jill strategies are still viable additions. Where would I be without my Jill?

Amber said...

Nekkid is SO MUCH MORE FUN than naked. Although I think naked is much sexier, nekkid is a little wilder.

And with that, I'm totally upping the average readership of your blog. I'd give you some precentages, but I just woke up and I'm never good at math.

Jill said...

I feel so loved! I'm done working every day (for now). After another 24 hours of sleep or so, I should be ready to sound somewhat coherent.

easysecondincome said...

funny article. I play in a down home band called Nekkid Country and when we are on stage John, our crowd fluffer, always likes to say "the difference between naked and nekkid is that nekkid is naked when your up to no good!"

Thanks for the article!